Upper Hiwassee Highlands in Atlanta Business Chronicle

Atlanta Business Chronicle journalist Amy Wenk’s story on the establishment of the Upper Hiwassee Highlands AVA appeared in the July 19, 2013 edition of the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

AVA regions must have specific climate, soil, geology and other factors that produce distinguishable qualities in its wine.

One of the defining elements of the Upper Hiwassee Highlands region, according to the petition, is its rugged beauty.

“The federally protected, heavily forested mountain peaks and slopes are unspoiled and offer a spectacular backdrop to neatly planted rows of grapevines in the valleys below,” says the petition.

French-American hybrids and American varieties are the signature grapes of the region.

“Wines produced from these varieties, especially from the hybrids, are seen infrequently in the retail marketplace,” says the petition. That gives vineyards in the region the opportunity to establish and promote new viticultural trends by specializing in the somewhat rare wines.

Check out the full article at Atlanta Business Chronicle (requires free registration).

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